No Broken Hearts

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Promised her first screen credit in years by Marathon Studios, script doctor Lauren Atwill is promptly loaned out to second-tier Epic Pictures. And she's not one bit happy about it.

Have the superstitious Marathon bosses been spooked by the grapevine gossip that bodies start to fall whenever Lauren Atwill signs on to a picture?

Her first Epic assignment electrifies her: Bring a thrilling, scandalous novel to the screen, a sensational story of betrayal, greed, corruption, and a vicious killing. Yes, things are looking up. Until fiction turns into real life.

Lauren finds a beautiful young actress brutally murdered, and she begins to wonder if she really is a harbinger of disaster. Then she discovers just how far the studio and even the police will go to cover up the killing and protect a star. If she won’t lie, her career is over. And maybe her life.

In Hollywood, telling the truth is the most dangerous thing a woman can do.

Death in her Face cover


Mala Demara, sultry European beauty and box-office goldmine, has vanished; Mickey Triton, her gangster boyfriend, lies dead in the burned-out hulk of their secret love nest, shot through the head.

Marathon Studios needs help, fast, and they know just where to get it: Screenwriter Lauren Atwill and her lover, P.I. Peter Winslow.

Peter has to find Mala. If the police discover she was Triton’s mistress and she’s still missing, the publicity will destroy her even if she’s innocent.

Lauren starts rewriting the script for another star should Mala be a killer in more than looks.

But Lauren’s first night on the lot, she discovers another man shot dead, who turns out to be an undercover agent. Now, everyone wants Lauren out of the way. Let the men handle it. Fat chance.

She’ll follow a tangled trail of betrayal, secrets, greed and murder. She’ll face down the FBI, who can crush her career, and a vicious mobster who demands Peter find Triton’s killer or else he and Lauren will never work in Hollywood again. Or breathe.

Good Knife's Work cover


Hounded by publicity from a vicious scandal, Lauren escapes LA for the secure anonymity of New York City. With handsome PI Peter Winslow along as bodyguard and a screenplay to write for the popular radio mystery series Adam Drake, For Hire, she should have more than enough to keep her occupied and out of trouble. Then her new friend Hazel Keane – an heiress and the producer of Adam Drake – is brutally murdered in her office late at night. As Lauren and Peter investigate, they become convinced it was an inside job. And if you’re going to investigate an inside job, it helps to be on the inside. Lauren goes undercover as a junior writer on Adam Drake – and must risk her life again – to catch the killer.

Star Struck Dead cover

Winner Best Mainstream Mystery/Suspense Novel of the Year Daphne du Maurier Awards (2004)

In 1946 Hollywood, the stars were always shining, the streets were paved with possibilities, and the most dangerous thing a man could do was uncover the grime behind the glitz and glamour…But a woman might just get away with it.

When talented screenwriter Lauren Atwill wakes up in the hospital with no memory of how she got there, it’s more than enough to make her nervous. All she remembers is driving home from a hot Hollywood night spot. Before she can put the pieces of her shattered memory together, she’s approached by a stranger with incriminating -- and compromising -- pictures of her. It’s blackmail, pure and simple.

With nowhere else to turn, Lauren hires tough LA private investigator Peter Winslow, whom she finds far more intriguing than she planned, and who just might be hiding some secrets of his own. Now with the high-profile marriage of her best friend at stake along with her own reputation, Lauren will have to think fast and move faster to come up with an ending for this script that doesn’t spell THE END for her.